Hooray for Father's Day!!!

Tick-tock.  We are counting down to the one special day we honor those men in our lives who we lovingly call "Dad".  Every father is a one-of-a-kind.  The stud-of-a-man in our home loves to receive quality time and personal gifts.  So... every year we try to come up with a fun gift that will knock his socks off and remind him of our love for him daily. 

My husband is known for wearing bow ties and has worn them long before they were the "in" thing to wear.  He also loves coffee.  So last year my boys created their own coffee mugs to each make for him and I went with the traditional bow tie and cuff links.  Notice the bow ties on the cuff links.  That was a double whammy to me.  And you can't forget the card.  My friends and family will laugh at that statement because I am always giving birthday gifts without a card, but for some reason Father's Day cards are a big deal to me and my boys.  It's important to slow down long enough for them to pour a whole lotta love from those little hearts onto their sweet dad.

Less than two weeks to go.  But whose counting?

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